I appreciate this article tackling a complex problem. I am in the middle of writing a similar series. Two points — 1) regarding developer incentives to keep affordable housing in the community: Uptown, Chicago is one gentrifying community arguing heavily against keeping affordable housing in the community because they are already the highest density community area in Chicago with existing affordable housing. It’s a fascinating case study that has had its own challenges with the lack of market rate development that a former alderperson was able to hold in place for years. It might be worth looking at as a model for this type of proposal 2) financial education is already readily available to low income communities throughout the country, combined with down payment assistance programs that allow low income borrowers to buy with little down. HUD vouchers can actually be used to pay a mortgage as well. Not many people use this program. My current read is Pound Foolish by Helene Olien. It’s not directly about housing but is about the narrative of more financial literacy as a means of solving the problems of struggling Americans. So far it’s an interesting read.

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Speaker and Consultant: Diversity, social impact and organizational change. Rare Disease Warrior. www.profoundhopeindustries.com

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