I have also thought about the evangelical distaste for social justice, from a White lens. I resonate with many of the points you make and appreciate the nuance. Nuance is deeply lacking and image has become the ultimate standard. It’s something I have to come to realize as a result of this movement. Specifically, many progressive Whites are willing to say and do the “right” things and even vote for change…but I wonder how many are there when it comes to doing hard work away from the spotlight and crowd. Lately, I have also come to think that White Christians are more complicit to money and power than anything else. I used to think it was lack of Biblical understanding that caused people to argue against the clear social justice mandates in the Bible. Sadly, now it seems to be intentional distortion. At the very bare minimum, Christians are supposed to lay their lives down for others, go the extra mile, turn the other cheek. Even if one didn’t believe the social gospel, this moment seems like at least an opportunity to do the above.

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Speaker and Consultant: Diversity, social impact and organizational change. Rare Disease Warrior. www.profoundhopeindustries.com

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