This is a great perspective. As someone that has lived with a chronic illness, this is a balance I have always found challenging. There is a time and place to take care of oneself, to understand appropriate place for rest, and to do what your body needs rather than meet expectations. But it can cross the line to excuse making, procrastination, and self-sabotage as you use the term.

I have found this season difficult -- working from home all the time, having no social events on my calendar except for occasional walks and dinners with small groups of friends, not having boundaries separating work time and personal time; have made it harder to determine when I am making excuses and when I am appropriately focusing on something else. We are all in this boat. This is an important topic, but different than anyone is prepared to navigate. I think we are all going through it and figuring out what works.

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Speaker and Consultant: Diversity, social impact and organizational change. Rare Disease Warrior.

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